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Removal of deadwood

As trees mature, some branches die back. This deadwood can be a hazard over frequently used areas.

Crown lifting

Low branches, over paths or roads for example, are removed to alleviate interference with traffic.

Hedge Trimming:

Hedges of all types and sizes can be dealt with and cut to meet your requirements. Hedges depending on type can also be laid if required.

Crown thinning

It is possible to thin the crown of some trees to allow more light to filter through, leaving the tree the same overall shape.

Dismantling and felling

In confined spaces, trees or tree limbs can be removed and lowered to the ground on ropes to avoid damage to the surrounding areas

Grass cutting

We provide regular grounds maintenance services to the commercial clients including parish councils, Local authority, Trading parks and large domestic gardens

Crown reduction

Some trees outgrow their situation, such as in between two houses. The crown can be reduced in size whilst keeping an attractive shape

Stump grinding

After a tree has been felled the remaining stump can be ground out to below ground level so the area may be grassed over or replanted.

Brush cutting

Brush cutting over grown areas such as brambles and long areas of grass.

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